Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

‘In Cloud’ or ‘On Premise’ presents today a dilemma somewhat similar to the ‘Custom Built’ or ‘Product Based’ of the last decade. And like in that case, there isn’t a single globally applicable correct answer. To the question of ‘Build vs Buy’, Alletec’s advice to its customers has always been – ‘Buy what you can, and Build what you must’.

Cloud represents a new phase to the commoditization of software. Cloud presents an opportunity for you to focus on your business, not get bogged down or overwhelmed by the complexity of IT systems – hardware, software or business solutions, and rent rather than buy. All your systems that form the basic infrastructure and hygiene of your organization – are candidates to be moved to the Cloud. And those of your systems that are key to you retaining your competitive edge in the market, which form a critical part of your USP, are candidates to be considered for an On Premise option. Consider your email and CRM type of applications for the cloud. If your financial accounting or ERP requirements are only the standard/ run-of-the-mill – consider them to be put on the cloud. If you got your ERP customized to your specific industry and built in to it extensive organization specific processes, consider the On Premise option.

Cloud Computing is the convergence of virtualization technology and utility based billing. However, Cloud is not always the most economical solution to IT problems. If, as a customer, you can commit to a specific amount of resources (processing or storage), buying managed dedicated can often be more effective. The Cloud makes more sense in situations where you need to grow in smaller increments or to scale up and down to meet the peaks and troughs of customer usage.

If you are an emerging Start up building the next Internet hit, or an Independent Software Vendor wanting to create a web-application based on an existing on-premise Windows application – Use the Windows Azure platform. You will be able to focus on the business logic, rather than the operational hurdles. The Windows Azure platform is a flexible cloud–computing platform that lets you focus on solving business problems and addressing customer needs.


Alletec helps you build and use applications on the Cloud – for all your business needs.

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